is proffesional textbook in strict Definition-Theorem-Proof schema licensed under BSD license. Furthermore, from Spellbook derives other sub-projects:

  1. Crystal Sphere as Spellbook-based Computer Aided Design (CAD) program using Blender 3D enviroment,
  2. Magic Wand as Spellbook-based Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) program using Crystal Sphere,
  3. Magic Hat as Spellbook-based price metrics for Magic Wand.

Read more about Spellbook and check precompiled Spellbooks of Atomic and Molecular Physics, Technical Mechanics or Plasma Physics. If you like it, download Spellbook Package or browse online Spellbook Live. Then discuss it on Forum.


[01.01.2018] Finished fully automatic packaging and testing of DEB and RPM packages using virtualization. WIN port postponed indefinitely. Development workflow has been automated.
[17.04.2017] Continuously working on mathematical theory for Computer, Processor, Operating System, etc. - this takes a lot of time, expect less updates.
[20.02.2017] New spells with XML theory.
[26.12.2016] First successful Spellbook installation over packaging system.
[24.12.2016] Updated manual pages, reworked Development Headers.
[04.12.2016] Added spell-related development headers into Spellbook.
[26.11.2016] Spellbook's beta version ready for release. Zotac CI323 ready for duty.
[12.11.2016] Fixes in Spellbook's sorting algorithm, spellbook of all spells successfully generated (smaller problems remain).
[09.10.2016] Testing + Spellbook's fix of sorting algorithm.
[04.10.2016] New hardware for Spellbook Live ordered: ASUS UN45-VM069M.
[03.10.2016] Fixed Spellbook's sorting algorithm, and added older particle-related spells.
[17.09.2016] Tried make the 'Spellbook Live' using SpellMod, SpellBuff, daemonised Spellbook and TexLive (SpellTeX not finished yet). PDF generation failed due to low memory. All the programs run on RPi with only 512 MB RAM.
[11.09.2016] First versions of Spellbook's module for Apache (SpellMod), Spellbook's Messaging Server (SpellBuff) and Spellbook Daemonisation (by option -x).
[22.08.2016] SpellTex's memory optimalisation (glyph-derived classes now use static methods and variables).
[09.07.2016] SpellTeX now stores each glyph in class.
[17.06.2016] Magic Wand now prints A4 technical drawing template in PDF file format.
[12.06.2016] Spelltex engine contains most of greek alphabet and handles related TeX commands. Also prints first characters of small math latin letters in inline math mode.
[28.05.2016] Spelltex engine produces first ugly, but correctly formatted, PDF file.
[07.04.2016] Spellbook now handles spell names from comand line pipe.
[17.03.2016] Autolation works, Crystal Sphere documentation rewritten.
[14.02.2016] Crystal Sphere's refactoration: first pieces of automatic theorem executions (called autolation) for theorem implementations with alg complexity of O(1).
[24.01.2016] Fixes in source codes and spells (copyright notices, proper ghost/definition/theorem directives, etc.).
[06.12.2015] Added new documentation page 'Spell Licensing' in Support section, containing first draft of spell licensing.
[23.10.2015] Added document Spellbook for Debian as step-by-step spellbook packaging tutorial.
[19.10.2015] GNU Build System added into 'debian' repo branch.
[07.09.2015] New sectioning and chaptering algorithm was implemented along with changes towards package release.
[17.07.2015] First version of Crystal Sphere commited to repository, no real documentation yet.
[23.06.2015] Added Spellbook Package Documentation and Makefile into repository.
[04.06.2015] Spellbook Live is available now.
[03.06.2015] Added beta version of Spellbook Server Documentation.
[02.06.2015] Added IRC Server.
[30.05.2015] Added PhpBB Web Forum.
[19.05.2015] Fixed error related to the git repository, git cloning should work now.
[07.05.2015] Minor spellbook fixes for bibtex and makeindex, added project skeletons, first work on Crystal Sphere.
[07.04.2015] Added LS's diploma thesis files
[01.04.2015] Created git repository + initial commit of LS's CTU FNSPE notes.
[07.03.2015] Added Spellbook logo.
[04.03.2015] Added example Spellbooks: AMF, TEM, TPLA.
[03.03.2015] First pages created, still under construction.
[01.03.2015] Spellbook.eu domain reserved.

Spellbook Project and its website is maintained by Lukáš Sedlák and everything is licensed under BSD license.